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How To Join Nigerian DSS


To Join Nigerian DSS, you should follow the DSS Nigeria Website www.dss.gov.ng for instructions.

If you want to become one of the members of the DSS Nigeria Army, then you will need:

A letter indicating local government of origin. It should be signed by a local government authority; Handwritten application letter to The Director-General, State Security Service, Abuja.

Statements of results;
Two color passport photos.
You will need all documents above for registration at the Department of State Service. Do not forget that the DSS of Nigeria recruitment does not request payment for your application. You need to visit the State Security Service headquarters in your state of origin and submit your documents.

About The DSS/SSS

The State Security Service or the Department of State Security Service is mainly responsible for domestic security of the country. They are a brute police force that deals with chaos within the country. They can also be used in anti-terrorism operations in Nigeria. Still, their main task is to provide security to the citizens of Nigeria.

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The SSS enforces and upholds criminal laws of Nigeria and provides criminal justice to law-enforcement organisations. It also provides protection for State Governors, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senate President, Vice President, President and their families. The SSS is also charged with the protection of the visiting foreign heads of state and government, candidates for the offices of Vice President and President, ex-presidents, high-ranking officers and their families.

General DSS of Nigeria Requirements.
The Department of State Security invites graduates and postgraduates to fill in the positions in the recruitment 2017. It also provides general requirements for people who wish to become a part of Nigerian security service personnel. Here are the DSS Nigeria requirements:

1. You should be a Nigerian by birth or born to Nigerian parents. Foreigners are not allowed to take the DSS Nigeria Job;

2. Male candidates should be at least 1.7m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary)

3. Female candidates should be at least 1.64m tall (for certain posts it`s not necessary);

4. The expanded chest measurement of the candidate must be at least 0.87 meters (for certain posts it`s not necessary);

6. The candidate should be certified by a Government Medical Officer;

7. The candidate must be mentally fit for service;

8. The candidate should be physically fit for service;

9. The candidates with the following medical cases can not apply for the service:

1. Pregnant women;
2. Flat Foot;
3. Major orthopedic operations in the past;
4. Natural disabilities (fractures, stammering and others);
10. Any candidate who wants to apply for DSS in Nigeria can’t be a serviceman if he/she has been found guilty in any criminal offense in Nigeria or any other country;

11. Candidates who have any form of financial embarrassment can’t apply for DSS Nigeria recruitment 2018;

12. Candidates who exceed 30 years of age can`t apply for DSS Nigeria.

If you do not have any of the below-listed qualifications, then you can`t apply for the service. You must provide at least a Bachelor`s Degree with the Second Class Upper Division. You can also provide National Certificate of Education/National Diploma from a recognized institution. The credits and fields are listed below:

Physical and Health Education;
Electrical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/IT Specialist;
Peace and Conflict Resolution;
Guidance and Counseling (for female only);
Computer Science;
Medical Doctors, Medical Officers, Consultants, Dental Officers and Nurses can also apply for DSS in Nigeria. However, such candidates should have Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Licence.

The DSS Nigeria is in need of various specialists. Check out the different posts in the DSS 2018:

Software Developer;
Satellite images interpreter;
Pediatrician/Pediatrician nurse;
Orthopedic surgeon;
Mathematics education;
Hospitality Managers;
English education;
Computer Engineer/Computer science education/Network engineer/Data Administrator;
Electrical/Building/Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer;

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