Igbo Names For Girls And Their Meanings

This is a list of over 320 Igbo Names For Girls, Their Short forms and Meanings

1. Adaego, Short Form: Ada, Ego; Meaning –Daughter of wealth
2. Adaeze, Short Form: Ada, Deze; Meaning –Daughter of a King/Princess
3. Adaiba, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –The people’s daughter/ Daughter of the people.

4. Adaku, Short Form: Ada, Aku; Meaning –Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
5. Adamma, Short Form: Ada, Mma; Meaning –Beautiful daughter
6. Adanna, Short Form: Ada, Danna; Meaning –Her father’s daughter
7. Adannaya, Short Form: Adanna; Meaning –Her father’s daughter
8. Adanne, Short Form: Ada, Nne Nne; Meaning –Her mother’s daughter
9. Adaobi, Short Form: Ada, Dobis, Dobby; Meaning –First daughter in the family compound (obi)
10. Adaolisa, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –God’s daughter
11. Adaora, Short Form: Ada, Dora; Meaning –The people’s daughter
12. Adaugo, Short Form: Ada, Ugo; Meaning –Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle
13. Adauke/Aduke, Short Form: Aduks, Kay Kay; Meaning –Daughter of Uke (town in Anambra State)
14. Adaure/Adure, Short Form: Ada; Meaning –Daughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy
15. Ahunna, Short Form: Ahu, Nana; Meaning –Body of her father
16. Akuabata, Short Form: Aku; Meaning –Wealth has come in
17. Akuada, Short Form: Aku, Ada; Meaning –Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
18. Akwaugo, Short Form: Ugo; Meaning –Precious daughter
19. Amaka, Short Form: Maka, Amy, Makky; Meaning –Beautiful/good
20. Amara/Amarachi/Amarachukwu, Short Form: Amy, Marachi, Rachy/Rachis; Meaning –Mercy/Mercy of God

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21. Anwuli, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –Joy
22. Anwulichukwu, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –Joy of the lord
23. Anwulika, Short Form: Anwuli; Meaning –My joy is great/Joy is greater
24. Apunanwu, Short Form: Apu, Nana; Meaning –Precious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun
25. Azuka, Short Form: Azu, Zukky, Zuka; Meaning –Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
26. Binyelum, Short Form: Binye, Nye Nye; Meaning –Stay with me
27. Binyerechukwu, Short Form: Binye; Meaning –Stay with God
28. Chetachi, Short Form: Cheta; Meaning –Remember God
29. Chiachogomnma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –God has decorated me/ God has beautified me
30. Chiagozie, Short Form: Agozie, Gozie, Gozzy, Gor Gor; Meaning –God has blessed me
31. Chiamaka, Short Form: Amy, Maka, Makky; Meaning –God is beautiful/good
32. Chiamanda, Short Form: Amanda, Mandy; Meaning –God will not fail
33. Chiasoka, Short Form: Sokky, Asoka; Meaning –God is too sweet
34. Chiazakam, Short Form: Azakam, Chiaza; Meaning –God answered me well
35. Chiazokam, Short Form: Azokam, Chiazor, Chizzy, Kam Kam; Meaning –God saved me well
36. Chibarameze/Chimeremeze, Short Form: Eze, Chimerem, Chibaram; Meaning –God called/ made me a king
37. Chibinobim, Short Form: Binobi, Chiby, Bim Bim; Meaning –God dwells in my heart
38. Chibuifem, Short Form: Ifem, Chibu; Meaning –God is my light
39. Chibundo, Short Form: Bundo, Chibu, Ndo; Meaning –God is my shelter
40. Chibuogwu/ Chibuogu, Short Form: Chibu, Buu Buu,; Meaning –God is my medicine/ my strength/ my weapon
41. Chichetaram, Short Form: Chetaram, Cheta; Meaning –God remembered me
42. Chidera, Short Form: Dera,; Meaning –Once God writes/says it (destiny can’t be changed)
43. Chideziri, Short Form: Deziri; Meaning –God wrote my story (destiny) well
44. Chidiebere, Short Form: Chidi, Ebere; Meaning –God is merciful
45. Chidinma, Short Form: Nma, Dinma, Chidi, Dee Dee; Meaning –God is good
46. Chidiogo, Short Form: Diogo, Dee Dee, Chidi, Ogo, Gor Gor; Meaning –God is gracious
47. Chidumebi, Short Form: Dumebi, Dum Dum, Mebi, Chidum; Meaning –God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life
48. Chiechezonam, Short Form: Echezona, Zona; Meaning –Don’t forget me lord
49. Chielotem, Short Form: Chielo, Elo, Lotem, Lo Lo; Meaning –God has remembered me
50. Chigemezu, Short Form: Chigeme; Meaning –God will complete or perfect all things
51. Chigozie, Short Form: Gozie, Gozzy, Gor Gor; Meaning –Bless me oh lord
52. Chijioke, Short Form: Chijy, Jioke, Cee Jay; Meaning –God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
53. Chikairanyelu, Short Form: Kaira, Nye Nye, Chika; Meaning –We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands
54. Chikamdabere, Short Form: Dabere, Dabby; Meaning –I’m leaning on God
55. Chikamharida, Short Form: Kamharida, Harida; Meaning –May I not fail, lord
56. Chikanele, Short Form: Kanele; Meaning –Looking up to God
57. Chikanene/ Chikanele/ Chikamnele, Short Form: Kanene, Kanele, Kamnele, Nele, Nene; Meaning –It’s God we are looking up to/ I’m looking up to God
58. Chikanyima/ Chikaima, Short Form: Chika, Kaima, Kanyi; Meaning –It’s only God we know
59. Chikaodili, Short Form: Chikky, Chikason, Chiks, Chika, Kaodili, Koddy, Dilly; Meaning –It’s all up to God
60. Chikasimma, Short Form: Kasimma; Meaning –God is the best
61. Chikasirimobi, Short Form: Kasiri, Kassy, Obi; Meaning –God consoled me
62. Chikenyelum, Short Form: Kenye, Nye Nye, Chike; Meaning –God gave me my portion
63. Chikumnaka, Short Form: Chikum; Meaning –God is carrying me in his hands
64. Chikwudolum, Short Form: Chikwy, Dolum; Meaning –My God stood for me
65. Chilotem, Short Form: Lo Lo, Lotem; Meaning –Remember me oh lord
66. Chimagozielam, Short Form: Agozie, Gozie; Meaning –My God has blessed me
67. Chimalume, Short Form: Malume, Chima; Meaning –God did well
68. Chimamanda/, Short Form: Amanda, Mandy,; Meaning –My God will not fail/
69. Chimasoka, Short Form: Asoka; Meaning –My God is too sweet
70. Chimbuchi, Short Form: Buchi; Meaning –My God is God
71. Chimbusomma, Short Form: Buso, Buu Buu, Somma, Nma; Meaning –My God is so beautiful
72. Chimdi/Chidi, Short Form: Dee Dee; Meaning –My God is a living God/ is alive
73. Chimdiomimi, Short Form: Chimdi, Mimi; Meaning –My God is mysterious
74. Chimdire, Short Form: Diire; Meaning –My God is omnipotent
75. Chimdiuto, Short Form: Diuto; Meaning –My God is sweet
76. Chimedaramobi, Short Form: Chimedaram, Dara, Obi; Meaning –God consoled me/comforted me
77. Chimeluogo, Short Form: Chimelu/ Ogo; Meaning –God granted me a favour

800 Igbo Names, Their Short Forms And Meanings

78. Chimeremma, Short Form: Chimere, Mma; Meaning –God has done something good
79. Chimeremoñu, Short Form: Chimere; Meaning –God made me happy/ joyous
80. Chimereya, Short Form: Mereya, Chimere, Reya, Chime; Meaning –God did it!
81. Chimerika, Short Form: Erika; Meaning –My God is big/ limitless
82. Chimezirim, Short Form: Mezirim; Meaning –God did me well/ fixed me up well
83. Chimezuru, Short Form: Chime, Zuru; Meaning –God completed the work he started
84. Chimfumnanya, Short Form: Fumnanya, Nanya,; Meaning –My God loves me
85. Chimkarifa/Chimkalifa, Short Form: Kari, Karifa, Kalifa; Meaning –My God is greater than them
86. Chimkasi, Short Form: Kasi; Meaning –My God is the greatest
87. Chimkasimma/ Chimkachamma, Short Form: Kasimma, Kachamma, Kassy, Mma; Meaning –My God is the best
88. Chimkasiuto, Short Form: Kasiuto, kasi, uto; Meaning –My God is the sweetest
89. Chimkezirim, Short Form: Keziri, Kezz; Meaning –My God created me well
90. Chimkodinaka, Short Form: Odinaka, Chikodi; Meaning –It’s in the hands of my God
91. Chimleziemanya, Short Form: Lezie; Meaning –May God take good care of me
92. Chimmaranma, Short Form: Maranma, Nma; Meaning –My God is beautiful
93. Chimnora, Short Form: Nora; Meaning –As long as my God is present/ in control, all shall be well
94. Chimsimchia/ Chimsirimchia, Short Form: Siri; Meaning –My God told me/ has given me a reason to laugh
95. Chimsonari, Short Form: Sonari, Sor Sor, Narry, Ary; Meaning –My God is the sweetest
96. Chimuanya, Short Form: Muanya; Meaning –My God is awake
97. Chimudinma, Short Form: Dinma; Meaning –My God is beautiful
98. Chimziteihe, Short Form: Chimzi, Zite; Meaning –My God, send your light
99. Chimzuruoke, Short Form: Zuruoke, Zuru; Meaning –My God is complete
100. Chinaraekele/Chinaraekene, Short Form: Nara, Ekene, Chinara; Meaning –May God receive all the praise
101. Chinazaekpere/Chinasa, Short Form: Nasa/Naza, Chinny, Ekpere; Meaning –God answers prayers
102. Chinazor, Short Form: Nazor, Chinny; Meaning –God saves
103. Chinelo, Short Form: Chinny, Nelly, Nelo; Meaning –God thinks for me/ In God’s thoughts
104. Chinememma, Short Form: Chineme, Neme; Meaning –God does good
105. Chinemerem / Chukwunemerem,, Short Form: Nemerem, Neme; Meaning –My God will continue to do for me
106. Chinenye, Short Form: Nenye, Nye Nye Chinny; Meaning –God gives
107. Chinonso, Short Form: Nor Nor, Nonso; Meaning –God is near
108. Chinuruekperem, Short Form: Chinuru, Nuru, Ekperem; Meaning –God heard my prayers
109. Chinwendu, Short Form: Wendy, Chinwe, Chinny; Meaning –Life belongs to God
110. Chinweotito/ Chinwekene, Short Form: Chinwe, Ekene, Kene, Kenny, Otito; Meaning –All praise belong to God
111. Chinyeaka, Short Form: Nye Nye; Meaning –God help me
112. Chinyere/Chinyelu, Short Form: Nye Nye, Chinny; Meaning –God’s gift/ God has given me
113. Chioma, Short Form: Oma; Meaning –Good God!
114. Chisimbiri, Short Form: Simby; Meaning –God says I shall live
115. Chisimdi, Short Form: Simdy; Meaning –God says I shall live
116. Chisimñuria, Short Form: Chisim, ñuria; Meaning –God says I shall rejoice/ God gave me a cause to celebrate
117. Chisom, Short Form: Sommy, Som Som,; Meaning –God is with me
118. Chisombiri, Short Form: Sombiri; Meaning –God lives with me
119. Chizaramekpere / Ozaram, Short Form: Zara, Chizzy; Meaning –God answered my prayers/ God granted my request
120. Chizimuzor, Short Form: Zimuzor, Uzor, Zim Zim; Meaning –God show me the way
121. Chizirimuzo, Short Form: Ziri, Chizzy, Uzo; Meaning –God showed me the way/ God directed my path
122. Chizitelu/Chizitere/Chizitel/Chizitalu, Short Form: Zee Zee, Zitel, Zita, Chizzy; Meaning –Sent from God/ God’s gift/ God-sent
123. Chizua, Short Form: Zua Zua, Chizzy; Meaning –May God nuture/supply my needs
124. Chizurum, Short Form: Zurum, Chizzy; Meaning –God is sufficient for me
125. Chizuterem, Short Form: Chizu, Zutere; Meaning –God met me at the point of my need
126. Chukwubuzo, Short Form: Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo; Meaning –God is First/God is the Way
127. Chukwumeziauzo, Short Form: Mezia, Mezy, Uzo; Meaning –God, straighten my path
128. Daberechi/Daberechukwu, Short Form: Dabby, Dabz, Dabere, Bere; Meaning –Lean on God
129. Daluchi, Short Form: Dalu, Luchi; Meaning –Thank God
130. Ebube, Short Form: Ebube; Meaning –Glory
131. Egoamaka, Short Form: Ego, Amaka; Meaning –Money is good/ beautiful
132. Ejimetochukwu, Short Form: Jimeto; Meaning –People praise God because of me
133. Ekpereamaka, Short Form: Amaka, Ekpere; Meaning –Prayer(or praying) is good/beautiful
134. Ekperezorom, Short Form: Ekpere; Meaning –Prayer saved me
135. Ekwutosi, Short Form: Ekwy, Ekwytos; Meaning –Do not speak bad about me/ condemn me
136. Erinma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –A child of beauty and great prospects
137. Esimnachibia, Short Form: Esimnachi, Nachi; Meaning –I came from God
138. Etomchukwu, Short Form: Etomchi; Meaning –I praised God for what he did

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139. Eziamaka, Short Form: Ezzy, Amy, Makky, Amaka; Meaning –Good things are obtained by going out
140. Ezichi, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –Good God!
141. Ezichim, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –My good God
142. Ezihe, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –A good thing
143. Ezinne, Short Form: Zinny, Ezzy, Nne Nne; Meaning –Good mother
144. Ezinwanyi, Short Form: Ezzy; Meaning –Good woman
145. Febechukwu/ Febechi, Short Form: Feechi; Meaning –Worship God
146. Ginika, Short Form: Ginny; Meaning –What is greater?
147. Ginikachukwu, Short Form: Ginny; Meaning –What is greater than God? What is too big for God?
148. Ginikanwa, Short Form: Nwa, Ginny; Meaning –What is greater than a child?
149. Haluchi, Short Form: Luchi; Meaning –Leave it for God
150. Ifeatu, Short Form: Ife; Meaning –A thing of reference/ example
151. Ifechiluru, Short Form: Ifechi; Meaning –What God has done
152. Ifechimamanda, Short Form: Ifechim, Amanda; Meaning –The light God has given me shall not go dim
153. Ifechukwu, Short Form: Ife; Meaning –Light of God
154. Ifedikachiakonam, Short Form: Ifedi, Chiakonam; Meaning –May I never lack the presence of God in my life
155. Ifedimma, Short Form: Ife, Dimma; Meaning –Something good
156. Ifekerenma/ Ihekerenma, Short Form: Kerenma, Nma; Meaning –Beautifully created
157. Ifemyolunna, Short Form: Yolunna, Ife; Meaning –What I asked of God/ What I prayed for
158. Ifeoma, Short Form: Oma, Ify; Meaning –A good thing
159. Ifeyinwa, Short Form: Nwa, Ify; Meaning –Nothing can be compared to a child
160. Ifunanya, Short Form: Nanya, Ifu; Meaning –Love
161. Ihedimma, Short Form: Dimma; Meaning –A good thing
162. Ihuaku/ Iruaku, Short Form: Ihuaku; Meaning –The face of wealth
163. Ihuomachukwu, Short Form: Ihuoma, Oma; Meaning –God’s Favour
164. Ijeawele, Short Form: Awele, Ije; Meaning –Smooth journey
165. Ijebusomma, Short Form: Busomma, Somma, Ije; Meaning –My Journey is/ was beautiful
166. Ijechikamma, Short Form: Ijechi; Meaning –A journey with God is the best
167. Ijemabalum, Short Form: Ijem; Meaning –My journey brought me gain
168. Ijemma, Short Form: Ije, Mma; Meaning –Good journey/ My Journey was worthwhile/ Going out brought me something good
169. Ijeoma, Short Form: Ije, Oma; Meaning –Farewell
170. Iruoma/Ihuoma, Short Form: Iru, Oma; Meaning –Favoured
171. Isioma, Short Form: Issy, Oma; Meaning –Fortunate/blessed/ Goodluck
172. Iyorachi/ Iyorachukwu, Short Form: Iyora, Yora; Meaning –Once you ask God for something, he answers/ Ask and you shall receive
173. Jachinma, Short Form: Jachy; Meaning –Glorify my God/ Hail God for his goodness
174. Jenetanachidimma, Short Form: Jeneta, Chidimma; Meaning –Taste and see that the lord is Good
175. Jeweluchiozi, Short Form: Jeweluchi, Jewel; Meaning –Do God’s work/ God’s messenger
176. Kachimra, Short Form: Kachy, Chimra; Meaning –The size of my God
177. Kachisiemeamaka, Short Form: Sieme, Kachisieme; Meaning –The deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
178. Kaefeechukwu/ Kamfeechukwu, Short Form: Kaefee, Kaeffy, Kamfee; Meaning –Let’s worship God/ Let me praise God
179. Kaineneolisa/Kainenechukwu, Short Form: Nene, Kainene, Kaine; Meaning –Let’s look unto God
180. Kairaluchukwu, Short Form: Kaira, Khyra, Ral, Ralu; Meaning –Let’s choose God/ Let’s leave it for God
181. Kairamarachukwu, Short Form: Kaira; Meaning –As we know God/ The lot of us who know God
182. Kaisoluchukwu, Short Form: Kaiso, Solu; Meaning –Let’s follow God
183. Kamarachimdi, Short Form: Kamara, Chimdi; Meaning –How great is my God’s grace
184. Kamarachizuoroanyi, Short Form: Kamara, Amara; Meaning –Let the grace of God be sufficient for us
185. Kamaranachimdi, Short Form: Kamara, Chimdi; Meaning –Let the world know that my God is alive
186. Kambili, Short Form: Kam Kam, Bili; Meaning –Let me live/ I shall live
187. Kambirinachi, Short Form: Kambiri, Nachi; Meaning –Let me live in God
188. Kamharida, Short Form: Harida; Meaning –I shall not fall
189. Kammarachi, Short Form: Marachi; Meaning –Let me know God
190. kamsichor, Short Form: Kamsi; Meaning –How I wanted it/ My wish
191. Kamsiyochukwu/ Kamsiyonna, Short Form: Kamsi, Kam kam, Siyonna; Meaning –As I asked God, so he answered/ God granted my request
192. Kamtochukwu, Short Form: kamto, Kam Kam, Tochukwu; Meaning –Let me praise God
193. Kandibe/ Kamdibe, Short Form: Kandi; Meaning –My consolation/ Let me be consoled
194. Kanebinudo, Short Form: Kanebi, Kynebi; Meaning –Let’s live in peace
195. Kanyibirinudo, Short Form: Kanyi; Meaning –Let’s live in peace
196. Kanyidirinachi, Short Form: kanyidiri; Meaning –Let us live/be in God
197. Kanyiñulia, Short Form: Nulia, Kanyi; Meaning –Let’s rejoice
198. Kaodizerachi, Short Form: Kaodi, Zerachi; Meaning –Leave it in the hands of God
199. Kaomasirichi, Short Form: Masiri, Omasiri; Meaning –As it pleased God
200. Karaluchukwu, Short Form: Raluchi, Luchi, Kara; Meaning –Let’s leave it for God
201. Kasarachi/ Kasarachukwu, Short Form: Kasara, Kassy, Sara, Rachi; Meaning –Tell it to God
202. Kasiemobi, Short Form: Kassy, Kasie; Meaning –Comfort me/ Console me
203. Kesandu, Short Form: Kess; Meaning –Spread life to all
204. Ketandu, Short Form: Keta; Meaning –You shall live/ You shall have abundant life
205. Kiriemmachukwu, Short Form: Kirie, Kiriemma, Mmachukwu; Meaning –Admire the beauty of God
206. Korafummachukwu, Short Form: Kora, Kaora; Meaning –Let the world/ people see the goodness of God
207. Kosarachi/ Kosaluchi, Short Form: Rachis, Sara, Kossy; Meaning –Tell it to God
208. Kosisochukwu, Short Form: Kosi, Kosiso; Meaning –As it pleases God
209. Kosoluchi, Short Form: Kosolu; Meaning –As it pleases God
210. Kosoluchukwu, Short Form: Kosolu; Meaning –As God pleases
211. Lebechi, Short Form: Lebe; Meaning –Look unto God
212. Lotachi/Lotachukwu, Short Form: Lota; Meaning –Remember your God
213. Makuachukwu, Short Form: Makua; Meaning –Embrace God
214. Mkpulunma, Short Form: Nma; Meaning –A seed/ thing of beauty
215. Mkpuruomachi, Short Form: Mkpuruoma, Oma; Meaning –God’s beautiful seed
216. Mmachimerem, Short Form: Mmachi; Meaning –The beauty God bestowed on me
217. Mmachukwu, Short Form: Mma; Meaning –Beauty of God
218. Mmasichukwu, Short Form: Mmasi; Meaning –Will of God
219. Mmasinachi, Short Form: Mma, Sinachi, Sinach; Meaning –Beauty comes from God
220. Mmerisinachi, Short Form: Mmeri, Sinachi; Meaning –Victory comes from God
221. Mmesomachukwu/Nmesomachukwu, Short Form: Mmeso, Mimi; Meaning –God’s goodness
222. Mukaosolu, Short Form: Kaosolu; Meaning –Pleasing to me
223. Munachimso, Short Form: Muna, Munachi; Meaning –I am walking with my God
224. Nachukwukambi, Short Form: Kambi, Nachy; Meaning –I live in God
225. Nchekwube/Chekwube, Short Form: Chekwube, Chekwus; Meaning –Hope/ Trust in God
226. Ndidi, Short Form: Dee Dee, Ndy; Meaning –Patience
227. Ndidiamaka, Short Form: Ndidi; Meaning –It’s good to be patient
228. Nefechi, Short Form: Nefe, Fechi; Meaning –Keep worshipping God
229. Nesochi, Short Form: Neso, Sochi; Meaning –Follow God
230. Ngozi, Short Form: Ngor, En-Gee; Meaning –Blessing
231. Ngozika, Short Form: Ngor, En-Gee; Meaning –Great blessing
232. Njideka, Short Form: Njy, Deka, Jide, Njide; Meaning –A bird in the hand/ Survival
233. Nkechinyere(m), Short Form: Kech, En-kay, Nye Nye; Meaning –The one given to me by God
234. Nkemdilim/ Nkemakonam, Short Form: En-Kay, Nkem, Dilly; Meaning –May what is mine be mine
235. Nkemjika, Short Form: En-kay, Nkem; Meaning –What I have is greater
236. Nkemyochukwu, Short Form: Nkem; Meaning –The one I asked God for
237. Nkenna, Short Form: Kenna; Meaning –Belongs to the father (God)
238. Nkennanyerem, Short Form: Nkenna, Nnanyere; Meaning –The one given to me by my father (God)
239. Nkiruka/ Nkeiruka, Short Form: En-Kay, Kiki, Iruka; Meaning –Greater things are ahead/ The future is bright
240. Nkolika, Short Form: Nkoli, En-kay; Meaning –Peace/ Dialogue is better than war

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241. Nkwachi, Short Form: Nkwachi; Meaning –God’s promise
242. Nneamaka, Short Form: Amy, Makky, Amaka, Nne; Meaning –Mother(hood) is beautiful
243. Nnebuife, Short Form: Nne, bubu, Ife; Meaning –Mother(hood) is great
244. Nnedi, Short Form: Nne, Nne Nne, Neddy; Meaning –Mother(hood) is beautiful
245. Nneka, Short Form: Nne, Eka, Nekky; Meaning –Mother(hood) is great
246. Nnekasi, Short Form: Kasi; Meaning –Mother(hood) is the greatest
247. Nnenna, Short Form: Nne, Nne Nne, Nenna; Meaning –Her father’s mother
248. Nneoma, Short Form: Nne, Oma, Nene; Meaning –Good mother
249. Nonyelum, Short Form: Nor Nor, Nonye; Meaning –Stay with me
250. Nwabundo/ Nwando, Short Form: Bundo; Meaning –A child is a shield (or a resting place) / A child brings peace of mind
251. Nwabuona, Short Form: Ona; Meaning –A child is gold
252. Nwadiuto, Short Form: Uto, Diuto, Utonwa; Meaning –A child is sweet/ Sweet child
253. Nwamarabia, Short Form: Mara, Nwamara, Marabia; Meaning –The child came at the right time
254. Nwasinachi, Short Form: Sinachi; Meaning –A child comes from God/ A child who came from God
255. Obiageli, Short Form: Oby; Meaning –Born to win/ born into wealth
256. Obialunanma, Short Form: Nma, Oby, Nanma; Meaning –Born/ arrived in the midst of plenty
257. Obianuju, Short Form: Ujunwa, Uju, Oby; Meaning –Born/ arrived in the midst of plenty
258. Obioma, Short Form: Oma, Obi; Meaning –Good heart
259. Odigomma/ Odiwomma, Short Form: Odigo; Meaning –Things are good now/ my situation has improved
260. Odinakachukwu, Short Form: Odinaka, Ody, Dee Dee; Meaning –In the hands of God
261. Odirachukwumma, Short Form: Ody, Dee Dee, Odira; Meaning –As long as it pleases God
262. Ogechukwu, Short Form: Oge, Ogechi; Meaning –God’s time is the best
263. Ogochimere, Short Form: Ogo, Chimere; Meaning –God’s favour
264. Ogochukwu, Short Form: Ogo; Meaning –God’s favour
265. Ogonna, Short Form: Ogo; Meaning –God’s favour
266. Okwuchi, Short Form: Okwy; Meaning –God’s word
267. Olachi/Olachukwu, Short Form: Ola; Meaning –God’s pearl/jewel
268. Olaedo/ Onaedo, Short Form: Ola, Ona; Meaning –Gold/ Precious
269. Olanma, Short Form: Ola, Nma; Meaning –Beautiful pearl
270. Oluchi/Oluchukwu, Short Form: Oly; Meaning –Work of God
271. Oluebube, Short Form: Oly, Ebube; Meaning –Miracle
272. Omasirichi, Short Form: Oma, Siri; Meaning –It pleased God
273. Ononuju, Short Form: Uju; Meaning –The one in the midst of plenty
274. Oñumsinachi, Short Form: Sinachi; Meaning –My joy comes from God
275. Onyinye/Onyinyechi, Short Form: Onyi, Nye Nye; Meaning –God’s gift
276. Onyinyeoma, Short Form: Onyinye, Oma; Meaning –Good gift
277. Orahjimetochukwu, Short Form: Jimeto, Jim; Meaning –People praise God because of me
278. Osoluchi, Short Form: Soluchi, Osolu; Meaning –It pleased God
279. Osorachukwu, Short Form: Osora, Sora; Meaning –As it pleases God
280. Ozinna, Short Form: Zinna, Ozzy, Zinny; Meaning –Message from the father
281. Ozioma, Short Form: Oma, Ozzy; Meaning –Good message/news
282. Ranyerechukwu, Short Form: Ranye; Meaning –Committed into Gods hands
283. Rapuluchukwu, Short Form: Rapulu; Meaning –Leave it for God
284. Sochikaima, Short Form: Kaima, Sochi; Meaning –It’s only God we know
285. Sochukwudumebi, Short Form: Dumebi; Meaning –Only God accompanies me in my daily life
286. Sofuchi, Short Form: Sofu; Meaning –There’s only one God
287. Solumgolibe, Short Form: Solum, Golibe; Meaning –Rejoice with me
288. Soluzochukwu, Short Form: Solu, Uzochukwu; Meaning –Follow the way of God
289. Somadina, Short Form: Adina, Sommy; Meaning –I shall not exist alone
290. Somtochukwu, Short Form: Somto; Meaning –Praise God with me
291. Sopuruchi/Sopuruchukwu, Short Form: Sopuru; Meaning –Honour/ respect God
292. Udodirim, Short Form: Udo; Meaning –Peace be unto me
293. Ugonma, Short Form: Ugo, Nma; Meaning –A beautiful eagle
294. Ugonna, Short Form: Ugo; Meaning –Her father’s eagle / Her father’s pride
295. Ugonwa, Short Form: Ugo, Nwa; Meaning –Eagle child
296. Ukamaka, Short Form: Amaka; Meaning –Dialogue is good / Church or religion is good (especially given to girls born on a Sunday)
297. Uloaku, Short Form: Aku; Meaning –House of wealth
298. Uloma, Short Form: Uloma; Meaning –Good house
299. Urenna, Short Form: Ure, Renna; Meaning –Her father’s pride
300. Utochi/Utodinachi, Short Form: Uto, Utodi; Meaning –Sweetness of God/ There is sweetness in God
301. Uzoamaka, Short Form: Uzo, Uzzy, Amaka, Makky; Meaning –Beautiful path/way
302. Yagazie, Short Form: Gazie, Zee Zee; Meaning –Let things go well/ It shall be well with you
303. Zamekpere, Short Form: Zam; Meaning –Answer my prayer
304. Zelunjo, Short Form: Zelu; Meaning –Avoid sin/ Do good
305. Zienachimdinma, Short Form: Ziena, Chimdinma; Meaning –Spread the news that my lord is good.
306. Zieozichi, Short Form: Ozichi, Zieozi; Meaning –Spread God’s message/ Be an evangelist
307. Zifanaibuchim, Short Form: Zifa, ibuchim, Buchi; Meaning –Show them that you are my God
308. Zikachiha, Short Form: Kachi; Meaning –Show the greatness of God
309. Zikoraebubechukwu, Short Form: Zikora, Ebube; Meaning –Show the world the glory of God
310. Zikoraifechineme, Short Form: Zikora, Neme; Meaning –Let the world see the lord’s doing
311. Zikoraifenkechukwu, Short Form: Zikora; Meaning –Show the world the light of God
312. Zikorammachukwu, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee; Meaning –Show the world the goodness/beauty of God
313. Zikoranachidinma/Zioranachidinma, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee, Dinma; Meaning –Show the world that the Lord is good
314. Zikoranaibuchukwu/Zikoranaibuchi, Short Form: Zikora, Ziora, Zee Zee, Buchi; Meaning –Show the world that you are God
315. Zimuzochi, Short Form: Zimuzo, Uzochi; Meaning –Show me the way of God

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316. Zinachidinma, Short Form: Zina, Zinny,Dinma; Meaning –Show that the Lord is good
317. Zinachimdimma, Short Form: Zina, Chidimma; Meaning –Show that my God is good
318. Zinachimdindu, Short Form: Zina, Chimdindu, Dindu; Meaning –Show the world that my God is alive
319. Zinachimere, Short Form: Chimere, Zina; Meaning –Show the world that God did it
320. Zioraifechukwu, Short Form: Ziora, Ifechukwu; Meaning –Show the world the light of God
321. Zirachi, Short Form: Zira; Meaning –Ask/ send God to do anything for you, and he will

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