Igbo Names For Boys And Their Meanings

Media Nigeria has made you a list of over 350 Igbo Names For Boys, Their Short forms and Meanings.

See the list below:

1. Adimchimkpa, Short Form – Adimchi; Meaning:I am important to my God
2. Adimchinobi, Short Form – Adimchi, Dinobi; Meaning:I am in God’s heart
3. Afamefuna, Short Form – Afam; Meaning:My name will not be lost
4. Afunwaelotanna, Short Form – Lotanna; Meaning:Father’s resemblance
5. Akachukwu/Akachi, Short Form – Kachukwu, Kachi; Meaning:The hand of God
6. Akamnachi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:I am greater in God
7. Akaolisa, Short Form – Olisa; Meaning:The hand of God
8. Akuabata, Short Form – Aku; Meaning:Wealth has come in
9. Akuchinyere, Short Form – Aku; Meaning:Wealth sent from God
10. Akunna, Short Form – Aku, Nna; Meaning:Father’s wealth
11. Akuomasinachi, Short Form – Akuoma, Sinachi; Meaning:Good wealth comes from God
12. Amadi, Short Form – Ama; Meaning:Free man
13. Amaechi, Short Form – Ama, Meche; Meaning:Who knows tomorrow?
14. Amandi/Amandianaze, Short Form – Ama; Meaning: Trust no one
15. Amobi, Short Form – Mobi; Meaning:Who knows the heart of man?
16. Anozie, Alozie, Short Form – Nor Nor, Ano; Meaning:We are now settled/ well positioned
17. Arinzechukwu, Short Form – Ary, Arinze; Meaning:If not for God/Thanks be to God
18. Ayorochukwu, Short Form – Yorochi; Meaning:We prayed to God for this

Igbo Names For Girls And Their Meanings

19. Azubuike, Short Form – Buike, Zubby, Azu; Meaning:Strength gained from experiences of the past
20. Azuka, Short Form – Azu; Meaning:Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences
21. Beluolisa, Short Form – Belu, Bels, Bosah, Olisa; Meaning:If not for God
22. Belusochukwu/ Berechi, Short Form – Belu, Bere; Meaning:If not for the sake of God
23. Bugarachukwuekene, Short Form – Ekene; Meaning:Carry all thanks to God
24. Bunkechukwu, Short Form – Bunke; Meaning:Belongs to God
25. Cheluchi, Short Form – Chelu; Meaning:Wait for God’s time
26. Cherechi/ Cherechukwu, Short Form – Chere, Chuks; Meaning:Wait on God
27. Chetachi/ Chetachukwu/ Chetanna, Short Form – Cheta, Chuks; Meaning:Remember God
28. Chiadikanma, Short Form – Chiadika; Meaning:God is too good
29. Chiakasiemobi, Short Form – Kasie, Akas; Meaning:God has consoled/comforted me
30. Chiaruka/ Chialuka, Short Form – Aruka, Aluka; Meaning:God has worked wonders
31. Chibubeagha, Short Form – Chibube; Meaning:May God continue to fight for me
32. Chibudom, Short Form – Udom; Meaning:God is my peace
33. Chibueze, Short Form – Bueze, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is King
34. Chibuifem, Short Form – Ifem; Meaning:God is my light
35. Chibuihe, Short Form – Chibu; Meaning:God is light
36. Chibuike, Short Form – Buike, Chibu, Ike; Meaning:God is strength
37. Chibundu, Short Form – Bundu, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is life
38. Chibunkem, Short Form – Bunkem; Meaning:God is mine
39. Chibunna, Short Form – Bunna, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God is my father
40. Chibuzor, Short Form – Buzor, Chibu, Chibby; Meaning:God first/ God leads
41. Chidebem, Short Form – Debem; Meaning:May God keep me
42. Chidera, Short Form – Dera; Meaning:Destiny cannot be changed/ Once God says/writes
43. Chideziri, Short Form – Deziri; Meaning:God wrote my story (destiny) well
44. Chidiadi, Short Form – Chidi, Diadi; Meaning:There is God
45. Chidiebere, Short Form – Chidi, Ebere; Meaning:God is merciful
46. Chidiebube, Short Form – Chidi, Ebube; Meaning:God is glorious/great
47. Chidoruo, Short Form – Chido; Meaning:May God bring peace
48. Chidozie, Short Form – Dozie, Chido, Dozzy; Meaning:May God fix it/Make it good for me
49. Chidubem/Chuwudubem, Short Form – Dubem, Chidu, Bem Bem, Chuks; Meaning:Lead me oh God
50. Chidumaga/Chukwudumaga, Short Form – Chidu, Dumaga, Dum Dum, Chuks; Meaning:God Leads me
51. Chidumeme/ Chukwudumeme, Short Form – Dumeme; Meaning:God is working with me/ God is with me
52. Chiebunigom, Short Form – Chiebunie; Meaning:God has lifted me
53. Chiedozie, Short Form – Eddy, Edozie, Dozie, Dozzy, Edo bobo; Meaning:God has fixed it/made it good for me
54. Chiekezie, Short Form – Ekezie, Kezie, Kezz; Meaning:God has made it good for me
55. Chiemeka, Short Form – Emeka, Mekus; Meaning:God did a great thing
56. Chiemerie/Chukwuemerie/ Chiemelie, Short Form – Emelie, Emerie, Emy; Meaning:God has won
57. Chiemezie, Short Form – Emezie, Mexxy, Mez; Meaning:God has made it good for me
58. Chiemezuonkwaya, Short Form – Chiemezuo; Meaning:God has fulfilled his promise
59. Chigaemezu, Short Form – Chigaeme; Meaning:God will do it all/ bring it to a completion
60. Chigbooromogu, Short Form – Chigbo; Meaning:May God end this fight for me
61. Chijidem, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:May God hold me
62. Chijindum, Short Form – Chiji; Meaning:My life is in God’s hands
63. Chijioke, Short Form – Chiji, Jioke, Cee Jay; Meaning:God is the custodian of all shares/ talents/ blessings
64. Chikamchoro, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:It is God I want
65. Chikamjimerie, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:I won with God
66. Chikamnwere, Short Form – Chika; Meaning:It is God I have
67. Chikamso, Short Form – Kamso; Meaning:I’m following God
68. Chikanma, Short Form – Chika, Kanma; Meaning:God is better than any other thing
69. Chikelue, Short Form – Kelue, Chike; Meaning:May God make me whole/complete
70. Chikezie, Short Form – Kezie, Kezz; Meaning:May God appease me with my share/portion
71. Chikumnaka, Short Form – Chikum; Meaning:God is carrying me in his hands
72. Chikwado, Short Form – Chikwado; Meaning:God’s approval
73. Chikwesiliotito, Short Form – Kwesili; Meaning:God is worthy of praise
74. Chileziemuanya, Short Form – Chilezie, Lezie; Meaning:May God take care of me
75. Chimagozielam, Short Form – Agoziem, Gor Gor, Gozie; Meaning:My God has blessed me
76. Chimaijem, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God knows my journey
77. Chimaluijem, Short Form – Chima, Ijem; Meaning:My God knows my journey

Comprehensive List Of Yoruba Names And Their Meanings

78. Chimalume, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God did well
79. Chimamkpa, Short Form – Chima, Mamkpa; Meaning:God knows my wants
80. Chimaobi, Short Form – Chima, Maobi, Moby; Meaning:God knows my heart
81. Chimaraobim, Short Form – Marobi, Chima; Meaning:God knows my heart
82. Chimaroke, Short Form – Chima; Meaning:God knows my share/portion
83. Chimbuchi, Short Form – Buchi; Meaning:My personal god (chi) is the main God
84. Chimbuoyim, Short Form – Oyim; Meaning:My God is my friend
85. Chimdaalu, Short Form – Daalu; Meaning:Thank you my lord
86. Chimdindu, Short Form – Chimdi, Dindu; Meaning:My God is alive
87. Chimdiuto, Short Form – Diuto; Meaning:My God is sweet
88. Chimechefunam, Short Form – Echefuna; Meaning:May my God not forget me
89. Chimechetagom, Short Form – Cheta; Meaning:My God has remembered me
90. Chimeguzola, Short Form – Chieguzo, Chime, Guzo; Meaning:My God stood firm/ is standing firm
91. Chimelotam, Short Form – Elota; Meaning:My God has remembered me
92. Chimerenka, Short Form – Chimere; Meaning:God did this
93. Chimereucheya, Short Form – Chimere; Meaning:God did his mind
94. Chimezie, Short Form – Chime, Mezie, Mexxy; Meaning:May God make it good
95. Chimkezirim, Short Form – Kezz, Keziri; Meaning:My God created me well.
96. Chimmuanya, Short Form – Muanya; Meaning:My God is awake
97. Chimnadindu, Short Form – Nadindu; Meaning:My God lives
98. Chimnoya, Short Form – Chimno, Noya; Meaning:My God is present
99. Chimsimgolibe, Short Form – Golibe; Meaning:My God says I shall rejoice
100. Chimzuruoke, Short Form – Zuruoke, Zuru; Meaning:My God is complete
101. Chinagorom, Short Form – Chinago; Meaning:God speaks for me/ God is my mouthpiece
102. Chinahuzor, Short Form – Uzor; Meaning:God sees
103. Chinaka, Short Form – Naka; Meaning:God decides /God schedules
104. Chinanu, Short Form – Chinanu; Meaning:God hears
105. Chinaraekele, Short Form – Ekene, Chinara; Meaning:Receive all thanks lord
106. Chinaraotito, Short Form – Otito; Meaning:Receive all glory lord
107. Chinazum, Short Form – Nazum; Meaning:The lord is my Shepherd
108. Chinecherem, Short Form – Neche, Chineche, Eche, Che Che; Meaning:God thinks/worries on my behalf
109. Chinedu, Short Form – Nedu, Edu; Meaning:God Leads
110. Chinekwu, Short Form – Nekwu; Meaning:God says
111. Chinemelumogo, Short Form – Chineme; Meaning:God grants me favours
112. Chinemerem, Short Form – Neme, Chineme, Nemerem; Meaning:God does good things for me
113. Chinemezuokwuya, Short Form – Chineme; Meaning:God fulfills his words
114. Chineze, Short Form – Neze; Meaning:God protects
115. Chinezie, Short Form – Nezie; Meaning:May God look after/ take care of
116.  Chinkembudike, Short Form – Chinkem, Dike; Meaning:My God is great
117. Chinomnazu, Short Form – Chino; Meaning:God is behind me/backed by God
118. Chinonaobim, Short Form – Chino; Meaning:God dwells in my heart
119. Chinonso, Short Form – Nonso, Nor Nor; Meaning:God is near
120. Chinualumogu, Short Form – Chinua; Meaning:May God fight for me
121. Chinweike, Short Form – Nweike, Ike,; Meaning:Strength belongs to God/ Strength from God
122. Chinweoke, Short Form – Nweoke, Okey; Meaning:God allocates gifts
123. Chiolileanya, Short Form – Olileanya, Ollie; Meaning:God of hope
124. Chiribeotito, Short Form – Otito; Meaning:Take all glory oh lord
125. Chiwetelu/Chiwetere/Chiwetel, Short Form – Wetel; Meaning:God-sent/ God’s gift
126. Chizimuzondu, Short Form – Zimuzo, Uzondu; Meaning:May God show me the way of life
127. Chizitere/ Chizitelu, Short Form – Zite, Zitel; Meaning:God-sent
128. Chizulukeme, Short Form – Zulu; Meaning:God is great/capable
129. Chukwuanugo/ Chianugo, Short Form – Anugo; Meaning:God has heard/ answered
130. Chukwubuoyim, Short Form – Chuks, Oyim; Meaning:God is my friend
131. Chukwubuzo, Short Form – Chibuzo, Chibby, Uzo; Meaning:God is First/God is the Way
132. Chukwuchebem/ Nnachebem, Short Form – Chebem; Meaning:May God protect me
133. Chukwucheta, Short Form – Cheta, Chuks; Meaning:Remember me Lord
134. Chukwudalu, Short Form – Daalu, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:Thanks be to God
135. Chukwudi, Short Form – Chudi, Chuks, Chukwy, Chu Chu; Meaning:There is God
136. Chukwudiegwu, Short Form – Chuks; Meaning:God is wonderful/ powerful/ awesome
137. Chukwuebuka, Short Form – Ebuka, Buu Buu, Bukky, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God is great
138. Chukwuelofuna, Short Form – Elofuna; Meaning:May God not forget me
139. Chukwueloka, Short Form – Eloka; Meaning:God thought well
140. Chukwuemeka, Short Form – Emeka, Mekus, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God has done something great
141. Chukwuemika, Short Form – Emika, Emy; Meaning:God is mysterious
142. Chukwuka, Short Form – Chuka, Chuks, Chukwy, Chu Chu; Meaning:God is the greatest
143. Chukwukaima, Short Form – Kaima; Meaning:It is God we know
144. Chukwukamji, Short Form – Chikamji, Kamji; Meaning:I walk with God
145. Chukwuma, Short Form – Chuma, Chu Chu, Chuks; Meaning:God knows best
146. Chukwumeziauzo, Short Form – Mezia, Mezy, Uzo; Meaning:God, straighten my path
147. Chukwunedumije, Short Form – Nedu; Meaning:God walks with me in my journey
148. Chukwunemerem / Chinemerem, Short Form – Nemerem, Neme, Chuks; Meaning:My God will continue to do for me
149. Chukwunuru/ Chukwunulu, Short Form – Chinuru; Meaning:Let God hear
150. Daluolisa, Short Form – Daalu; Meaning:Thank you lord
151. Diarachukwundu, Short Form – Diara; Meaning:Live for God

Hausa Names And Their Meanings

152. Ebubechukwu, Short Form – Ebube, Chuks, Buu Buu; Meaning:The glory/greatness of God
153. Ebubemsinachi, Short Form – Ebubem; Meaning:My glory comes from God
154. Echezonanna, Short Form – Eche, Echezona; Meaning:Don’t forget your God/ your father
155. Egwuchukwunatum, Short Form – Egwuchukwu; Meaning:I am in awe of God
156. Ejikeme, Short Form – Ejike, Ejyke, Ejiks; Meaning:It’s not by power
157. Ejimchimemeonu, Short Form – Ejimchi; Meaning:I brag about my God
158. Ejimetochukwu, Short Form – Jimeto; Meaning:People praise God because of me
159. Ejimgietochukwu, Short Form – Jim, Tochukwu; Meaning:I praise God because of you
160. Ekenedilichukwu, Short Form – Ekene, Kene, Dilly, Chuks; Meaning:Thanks be to God
161. Ekenemchukwu, Short Form – Ekenem, Kene, Chuks; Meaning:I Thank God
162. Elochukwukwu/ Elonna, Short Form – Elo; Meaning:God’s thought
163. Elozonachukwu, Short Form – Elozona; Meaning:Do not forget God
164. Emenike, Short Form – MNEK (like the UK musician), Nike; Meaning:It’s not by might/power
165. Enweremchi, Short Form – Enwerem; Meaning:I have a God
166. Enyichukwu, Short Form – Enyi; Meaning:God’s friend
167. Enyinna/Enyinnaya, Short Form – Enyi, Nna, Nnaya; Meaning:His father’s friend
168. Esomchukwu/Esomchi, Short Form – Esom, Chuks; Meaning:Walking with the lord/ I follow God
169. Etuosuluchukwu, Short Form – Etuosoluchi, Osoluchi; Meaning:As it pleases God
170. Ewelike, Short Form – Ewe; Meaning:It’s not by power
171. Ewezugachukwu, Short Form – Ewezuga; Meaning:If not for God
172. Ezeudo, Short Form – Eze, Udo; Meaning:King of peace
173. Fesochukwu, Short Form – Feso; Meaning:Worship only God
174. Golibe, Short Form – Golly; Meaning:Rejoice
175. Gosifechukwu, Short Form – Gossy, Ifechukwu, Ife; Meaning:Show the light of God to all
176. Gosioranachimdike, Short Form – Gosiora, Chimdike; Meaning:Show the world that my God is mighty
177. Haluchi/ Hanyechi/ Hanyechukwu, Short Form – Hanye; Meaning:Leave it for God
178. Ifeanyichukwu, Short Form – Ifeanyi, Ify, Chuks; Meaning:God is most poweful/ Nothing is greater than God
179.  Ifebuchechi, Short Form – Ifebu, Uchechi; Meaning:A manifestation of god’s desire/ thought
180. Ifechukwude, Short Form – Ife, chuks, Ifechukwu; Meaning:What God has written
181. Ifechukwudeni, Short Form – Ifechukwude; Meaning:What God has written
182. Ifediaso, Short Form – Diaso; Meaning:A holy thing
183. Ifemyolunna, Short Form – Ife, Yolunna; Meaning:What I asked of the lord
184. Ifemyorochukwu, Short Form – Ifemyoro; Meaning:What I asked of the lord
185. Ifesinachi/Osinachi/ Isinachi, Short Form – Ossy, Sinach, Sinachi, Ife, Issy; Meaning:Sent from God
186. Igwebuike, Short Form – Igwe, Buike, Ike; Meaning:Strength in numbers
187. Iheanacho/ Ifeanacho, Short Form – Anacho, Nacho, Ihee; Meaning:Precious/what everyone seeks
188. Ikechukwu, Short Form – Ike, Chuks; Meaning:Strength of God
189. Ikem, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:My strength
190. Ikemakolam, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:May I not lack strength
191. Ikemba, Short Form – Ike; Meaning:Strength of the nation
192. Ikemefuna, Short Form – Ikem; Meaning:I shall not lose my strength
193. Ikenna, Short Form – Ike, Nna; Meaning:Strength of his father
194. Iwegbuna, Short Form – Egbuna; Meaning:Be happy
195. Izigoranaibuchim, Short Form – Izigo, Buchi; Meaning:You have shown the world that you are my God
196. Izuchukwu/Izunna, Short Form – Izuu, Nna, Chuks; Meaning:God’s counsel
197. Jachike, Short Form – Ike, Chike; Meaning:Give praise to God/ Hail God
198. Jachimike, Short Form – Jachi, Ike; Meaning:Hail my God
199. Jamalumchi, Short Form – Jamal; Meaning:Keep hailing/praising God for me
200. Jamuike, Short Form – Jam Jam; Meaning:Motivate me/Encourage me
201. Jayamma, Short Form – Jay, Jaya; Meaning:Praise him
202. Jeozichukwu, Short Form – Jeozy; Meaning:Do God’s work/ God’s messenger/ Evangelist
203. Jidechukwu, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold God
204. Jidekene/ Nnajidekene, Short Form – Nnajide, Jide, Ekene, Otito; Meaning:Thanks/ Praise be to God
205. Jideotito/ Nnajideotito, Short Form – ; Meaning:
206. Jidemma, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to good
207. Jidenna, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to your God/father
208. Jideofor, Short Form – Jide; Meaning:Hold on to your truth/You are justified
209. Kachimsilotam, Short Form – Lotam, Kachim; Meaning:How my God remembered me
210. Kachisicho, Short Form – Kachi; Meaning:God’s desire
211. Kachiside, Short Form – Kachi; Meaning:As God has written it/The will of God
212. Kachisiemeamaka, Short Form – Sieme, Kachisieme; Meaning:The deeds/ acts of God are beautiful
213. Kachizamekpere, Short Form – Kachi, Zamekpere; Meaning:May God answer my prayer
214. Kachukwusideya, Short Form – Kachiside; Meaning:As God has written it
215. Kachukwusieme, Short Form – Kachi, Sieme; Meaning:The deeds/ acts of God
216. Kaetochukwu, Short Form – Kaeto, Tochukwu, Too Too, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s praise God/ May God be praised
217. Kainyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kainye, Ekene, Kene, Chu Chu; Meaning:Let’s praise God
218. Kaitobenna, Short Form – Kaito, Tobenna; Meaning:Let us praise God
219. Kaitochukwu, Short Form – Kaito, Tochukwu, Too Too, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s praise God
220. Kambili, Short Form – Kam Kam, Billy; Meaning:Let me live/ I shall live
221. Kambirinachi, Short Form – Kambiri; Meaning:Let me live in God
222. Kamdikachukwu, Short Form – Dikachi; Meaning:Let me be like God
223. Kamdilichukwu, Short Form – Kamdi; Meaning:Let me live for God
224. Kamfeechi, Short Form – Kam, Kamfe; Meaning:Let me worship God
225. Kamgolibe, Short Form – Golibe, Kam; Meaning:Let me rejoice
226. Kamnyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kamnye; Meaning:Let me give thanks to God
227. Kamnyechukwuekene, Short Form – Kam; Meaning:Let me praise God
228. Kamsiyonna, Short Form – Siyonna, Kamsi; Meaning:As I asked God
229. Kanayochukwu, Short Form – Kanayo, Anayo, Chuks; Meaning:Let’s keep begging(an intention) of the lord

Efik Names And Their Meanings

230. Kanyibirinudo, Short Form – Kanyi; Meaning:Let’s live in peace
231. Kanyifeechukwu, Short Form – Kanyi; Meaning:Let’s worship God
232. Kaobichimdi/ Kobichimdi, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:A manifestation of how the heart of my God is
233. Kaobichimra/ Kobichimra, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:A manifestation of the size of my God’s heart
234. Kaobichukwume/ Kobichukwume, Short Form – koby; Meaning:Let the will of God/heart of God be done
235. Kaobimkenechi/ Kobimkenechi, Short Form – Koby, Obim, Kene; Meaning:Let my heart thank God
236. Kaobimsiyochukwu/ Kobimsiyochukwu, Short Form – Koby; Meaning:How my heart asked of God/ My heart’s desire
237. Kaobimtochukwu/ Kobimtochukwu, Short Form – Obim, Kaobim, Koby, Kobi; Meaning:Let my heart praise God
238. Kasiemobi, Short Form – Kasie, Obi; Meaning:Comfort me/ Console me
239. Kelechi/Kenechi/Kenechukwu/Keneolisa, Short Form – Kelly, Kene, Kay Kay,Kenny, Olisa; Meaning:Praise God/ Thank God
240. Kelenna/ Kenenna, Short Form – Kele/ Kene; Meaning:Thank God
241. Kenelumchukwu, Short Form – Kenelum; Meaning:Thank God for me
242. Kodilinye/ Kodinna, Short Form – kodili; Meaning:Let this child live for God
243. kosisochukwu, Short Form – Kosy; Meaning:As it pleases the lord
244. Kwesikenachukwu, Short Form – Kwesike, Kwesi; Meaning:Believe strongly in God
245. Lotachukwu, Short Form – Lota, Lotachi; Meaning:Remember God
246. Lotanna, Short Form – Lota, Nna; Meaning:Remember the father/God
247. Maduka, Short Form – Madu, Uka; Meaning:People are worth more than riches
248. Mmaduabuchukwu, Short Form – Mmaduabuchi, Abuchi; Meaning:Man is not God
249. Munachimso, Short Form – Muna, Chisom; Meaning:Walking with the lord
250. Muochukwudebem, Short Form – Debem; Meaning:May the spirit of good keep/ preserve me
251. Nachikambi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:In God I live
252. Nachikamdi, Short Form – Nachi, Kamdi; Meaning:I belong to God
253. Nachukwukambi, Short Form – Nachi, Kambi; Meaning:I live in God
254. Naetochukwu, Short Form – Naeto, Tochukwu, Too Too; Meaning:Keep praising God
255. Nchedochukwu, Short Form – Nchedo; Meaning:God’s protection
256. Ndubuisi, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu; Meaning:Life is more important
257. Nduka, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu, Uka; Meaning:Life is more important
258. Ndukaku, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu, Aku; Meaning:Life is more important than wealth
259. Ndukwe, Short Form – En-Dee, Ndu; Meaning:Hope/As long as there’s life
260. Ndumdinakachukwu, Short Form – Dinakachi; Meaning:My life is in God’s hands
261. Ndumzoronachi, Short Form – Zoro, Nachi; Meaning:My life is hidden in God
262. Nebechi, Short Form – Nebe, Nebby; Meaning:Looking up to God
263. Nkemnasochukwu, Short Form – Nkem, Nasochi; Meaning:Mine pleases God
264. Nkenna, Short Form – Kenna; Meaning:Belongs to the father (God)
265. Nkennanyerem, Short Form – Nkenna, Nnanyerem; Meaning:The one given to me by God
266. Nkwachi, Short Form – Nkwachi; Meaning:God’s promise
267. Nnabuenyi, Short Form – Nna, Enyi; Meaning:Father is great
268. Nnabuife, Short Form – Nna, Ife; Meaning:Father is great
269. Nnamdi, Short Form – Nna, En-Dee; Meaning:My father/ my God is alive
270. Nnanyelugo, Short Form – Ugo, Nna; Meaning:God has given victory/honour
271. Nwabueze, Short Form – Eze, Bueze, Nwa,; Meaning:A child is king
272. Nwachimereze, Short Form – Eze, Chimereze; Meaning:A child who God crowned King
273. Nwachukwu, Short Form – Chu Chu, Nwa, Chuks; Meaning:Child of God
274. Nwadinobichi, Short Form – Dinobi, Obichi; Meaning:A child in God’s heart
275. Nwaekerendu, Short Form – Erendu; Meaning:The child destined to live
276. Nwankpa/Nwadinkpa, Short Form – Dinkpa, Nwa,; Meaning:Very important child
277. Nwaokocha, Short Form – Okocha; Meaning:Child of a fair man
278. Nwokeocha, Short Form – Okeocha; Meaning:A fair boy/man
279. Nwokeoma, Short Form – Okeoma; Meaning:A handsome man
280. Nzubechukwu, Short Form – Nzube, Zubby, Chuks, Chu Chu; Meaning:God’s plan/God’s wish
281. Obarameze/ Chibarameze, Short Form – Eze; Meaning:God made me a king
282. Obiajulu, Short Form – Obi, Ajulu; Meaning:I am comforted or consoled/ My heart is at peace
283. Obidigbo, Short Form – Obi, Obidi; Meaning:Existence
284. Obiefuna, Short Form – Obi, Efuna; Meaning:Tolerance
285. Obimajurugonachukwu, Short Form – Obim; Meaning:My heart is comforted/ rests in God
286. Obimdinachi, Short Form – Dinachi; Meaning:My heart belongs to God
287. Obimkenechukwu, Short Form – Obim, Kene; Meaning:Let my heart thank God
288. Obimnaetochukwu, Short Form – Obi, Naeto, Tochukwu; Meaning:My heart praises God
289. Obinna, Short Form – Obi, Nna; Meaning:His father’s heart
290. Obioma, Short Form – Obi; Meaning:Good heart
291. Obiora, Short Form – Obi; Meaning:Heart of the people
292. Obumnaeme/obumnaeke, Short Form – Obum; Meaning:It’s not my doing/making/
293. Odera, Short Form – Ody; Meaning:Once God says/writes it (destiny cannot be changed)
294. Ogadinma, Short Form – Oga, Ogadi; Meaning:It shall be well
295. Ogonna, Short Form – Ogo, Nna; Meaning:Favour from God
296. Oguguamakwa, Short Form – Ogugua; Meaning:He consoled me
297. Okafor, Short Form – Okafor; Meaning:Male child born on Afor market day
298. Okechukwu, Short Form – Okey, Chuks, Chu Chu; Meaning:Belongs to God
299. Okeke, Short Form – Okey; Meaning:Male child born on Eke market day
300. Okemsinachukwu, Short Form – Okem, Sinachi; Meaning:My share/ portion comes from God
301. Okezie, Short Form – Kezz, Kezzie, Ezzie; Meaning:He has created/ allocated/ shared it well
302. Okonkwo, Short Form – Oko; Meaning:Male child born on Nkwo market day

List Of Nigerian Names By Tribe, And Their Meanings

303. Okoye, Short Form – Oko; Meaning:Male child born on Oye Market day
304. Okwuchukwu, Short Form – Okwuchi, Okwy; Meaning:God’s word
305. Olisa, Short Form – Ollie; Meaning:God
306. Olisaeloka/, Short Form – Eloka, Olisa; Meaning:God was very thoughtful
307. Oseloka, Short Form – ; Meaning:
308. Olisaemeka/, Short Form – Emeka, Olisa; Meaning:God has done well/ God did something great
309. Osemeka, Short Form – ; Meaning:
310. Omezikam, Short Form – Mezie; Meaning:God did me well/ Fixed me up well
311. Onuora, Short Form – Onu; Meaning:Mouth of the people/ Spokesperson for the people
312. Onyebuchi, Short Form – Onyi, Buchi; Meaning:No man is God
313. Onyedikachukwu, Short Form – Onyi, Onyedi, Kachi, Chuks; Meaning:Who is like God?
314. Onyeisi, Short Form – Onyi; Meaning:The first/ Winner/Champion
315. Onyeka/Onyekachi, Short Form – Onyi; Meaning:Who is greater than God?
316. Orahjimetochukwu, Short Form – Jimeto, Jim; Meaning:People praise God because of me
317. Osita/Ositadinma, Short Form – Ossy; Meaning:May good things stay permanent
318. Otito, Short Form – Taito, Tito; Meaning:Praise
319. Ozichukwu/ Ozinna, Short Form – Ozzy; Meaning:Message from God
320. Sinobichukwu, Short Form – Obi, Sinobi, Nobby; Meaning:From God’s heart
321. Sobechukwu, Short Form – Sobe; Meaning:Follow God
322. Sochikaima/ Sochikanyima, Short Form – Sochi, Kanyima, Kanyi; Meaning:It’s only God we know
323. Sochima, Short Form – Sochi, Chima; Meaning:Only God knows
324. Sochimamkpam, Short Form – Sochima; Meaning:Only God knows my needs
325. Sochimbuchi, Short Form – Buchi; Meaning:My God is the only God
326. Somadina/Somayina, Short Form – Soma; Meaning:I shall not exist/ walk alone
327. Sombili/Dumbili, Short Form – Billy, Som Som, Dum Dum; Meaning:Stay/Live with me
328. Sometochukwu/Dumetochukwu, Short Form – Someto, Dumeto; Meaning:Praising God with me
329. Somkenechukwu/Dumkenechukwu, Short Form – SomKay, DumKay, Kene, Somkene, Dumkene, Dum Dum, Chu Chu,; Meaning:Praise God with me
330. Somtochukwu/Dumtochukwu, Short Form – Somto, Dumto, Too Too,Tochukwu,; Meaning:Praise God with me
331. Sonnamaijem, Short Form – Sonna; Meaning:Only God knows my journey
332. Soyabuchukwu, Short Form – Buchi, Soya; Meaning:Only him is God
333. Tobechukwu, Short Form – Toby, Tobe, Chu chu; Meaning:Start Praising God
334. Ubahsinachi, Short Form – Ubah, Sinachi; Meaning:Wealth comes from God
335. Uchechukwugaemezu, Short Form – Uchechukwu, Chigaeme; Meaning:The will/mind of God shall be done
336. Uchenna/Uchechukwu, Short Form – Uche, Urch, Ucheson, Nna, Che Che, Chu Chu; Meaning:The wisdom of God/The will of God
337. Ucheoma, Short Form – Uche, Urch, Ucheson, Che Che; Meaning:Good sense/ good thoughts
338. Ugosinachi, Short Form – Ugo; Meaning:Pride/ prestige/ Honour comes from God
339. Ugwumsinachi, Short Form – Sinachi; Meaning:My honour comes from God
340. Urudinachi, Short Form – Dinachi; Meaning:There is gain in God
341. Urukanachi/, Short Form – Uruka, Nachi; Meaning:There’s greater gain in God
342. Urukanachukwu, Short Form – ; Meaning:
343. Usochi/Usochukwu, Short Form – Usochi; Meaning:The sweetness of God
344. Utokanachi, Short Form – Nachi; Meaning:There is more sweetness in God
345. Utondu, Short Form – Uto, Ndu; Meaning:The sweetness of life/ Life is sweet
346. Uwajimetochi, Short Form – Jimeto, Jim; Meaning:The world praise God because of me
347. Uzochukwu, Short Form – Uzo, Uzzy, Chu Chu; Meaning:God’s path/Way
348. Uzoma, Short Form – Uzo, Uzzy; Meaning:Good way
349. Yadichimma, Short Form – Yadi, Yaddie; Meaning:Let it be pleasing to God
350. Yadilichukwu, Short Form – Yadili, Yadi; Meaning:Leave it for God
351. Yobanna/Yobachi/Yobachukwu, Short Form – Yoba; Meaning:Ask/beg God
352. Zamekpere, Short Form – Zam; Meaning:Answer my prayers
353. Zikoranachidi, Short Form – Zik, Chidi; Meaning:Show the world that there is God

Comprehensive List Of Igbo Names And Their Meanings

354. Zimchikachim, Short Form – Zim, Kachi, Chika, Chikachi; Meaning:Show me a god who is greater than my God
355. Zimife/ Ziemife, Short Form – Zim, Ife; Meaning:Show me the light
356. Zimihekachim , Short Form – Zim; Meaning:Show me a thing that is bigger than my God
357. Zimuzo, Short Form – Zim, Uzo; Meaning:Show me the way
358. Zinachidindu, Short Form – Chidindu; Meaning:Show the world that God is alive
359. Zinachimdindu, Short Form – Zinachi; Meaning:Show that my God is alive

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