List Of Nigeria Yoruba Foods

Amala and Ewedu
Amala and Ewedu

1. Amala Classical Yoruba dish made out of cassava flour or yam.
2. Dodo
3. Igbin Original chops by Yoruba tribe.
4. Ewa Agoyin “Ewa” means beans, and Agoyin is a dish of Beninoise people
5. Iresi Eyin This is Yoruba variant of jollof rice. The origin of the dish is traced back to ancient times of tribe.
6. Asun
7. Akara A ubiquitous food of the tribe – it is just raw beans, blended and deep fried.
8. Gbegiri
9. Ewedu
10. Efo Riro It can be translated as “mixed greens”.


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