Who Invented 3 Meals A Day And When

Ziryab (Abu l-Hasan Ali Ibn Nafi ) Invented 3 Meals A Day.
3 Meals A Day (three-course meal) was invented in 789-857

3 Meals A Day consist of appetiser, entree (main meal) and dessert.

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Ziryab was an arbiter of culinary fashion and taste, who also “revolutionized the local cuisine” by introducing new fruit and vegetables such as asparagus, and by introducing the three-course meal served on leathern tablecloths, insisting that meals should be served in three separate courses consisting of soup, the main course, and dessert. He also introduced the use of crystal as a container for drinks, which was more effective than metal. This claim is supported by accounts of him cutting large crystal goblets. Prior to his time, food was served plainly on platters on bare tables, as was the case with the Romans.

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