Yoruba Names For Girls And Their Meanings

This is a list of over 240 Yoruba Names For Girls And Their Meanings

NAME                             SHORT FORM                     MEANING
1. Aanuoluwakiishi; Short Form – Aanu, meaning: God’s mercy never fades or can’t be removed
2. Abeni; Short Form – Abbey, meaning: We asked for her, and here she is
3. Abifoluwa; Short Form – Abi, Folu, meaning: Born for God
4. Abimbola; Short Form – Bimbo, meaning: Born into wealth
5. Abiodun; Short Form – Biodun, meaning: Born during a festive period
6. Abioye; Short Form – Oye, meaning: Born into royalty
7. Abisola; Short Form – Bisola, meaning: Born into a wealthy family
8. Abosede; Short Form – Bose, meaning: Born on the first day of the week
9. Adebimpe; Short Form – Bimpe, meaning: The crown gave birth to me
10. Adebisi; Short Form – Bisi, meaning: We’ve added to the crown
11. Adebola; Short Form – Bola, meaning: The crown meets with wealth
12. Adeboye; Short Form – Ade,Boye, meaning: The crown has brough title
13. Adedamola; Short Form – Damola, meaning: The crown is mixed with wealth
14. Adedayo; Short Form – Dayo, meaning: The crown becomes joy
15. Adelola; Short Form – Lola, meaning: The crown brings honour
16. Ademuyiwa; Short Form – Muyiwa, meaning: The crown brought this
17. Adenike; Short Form – Nike, meaning: The crown needs to be pampered
18. Adeola; Short Form – Deola, meaning: Crown of wealth
19. Adepeju; Short Form – Peju, meaning: The crown is full of honour
20. Aderonke; Short Form – Ronke, meaning: The crown has something to pamper
21. Adesanya; Short Form – Ade, meaning: Reward my suffering
22. Adesewa; Short Form – Sewa, meaning: The crown makes beauty
23. Adesola; Short Form – Sola, meaning: The crown makes wealth
24. Adetoke; Short Form – Toke, meaning: The crown should be handled honourably
25. Adetola; Short Form – Tola, meaning: The crown is the worthy of wealth
26. Adetutu; Short Form – Tutu, meaning: The crown is soothing/gentle
27. Adewemimo; Short Form – Wemimo, meaning: The crown washed me clean
28. Adewunmi; Short Form – Wunmi, meaning: I am desirous of the crown
29. Adeyemi; Short Form – Yemi, meaning: I am worthy of the crown
30. Adunni; Short Form – Dunni, meaning: One who is sweet to have
31. Aduragbemi; Short Form – Gbemi, meaning: prayer favoured me/lifted me
32. Akanni; Short Form – Akanni, meaning: The first one
33. Akintoye; Short Form – Toye, meaning: Strength is enough title
34. Anjolaifeoluwa; Short Form – Ola, Ifeoluwa, Ife, meaning: I am enjoying the love of God
35. Anrolaoluwayo; Short Form – Ola, meaning: We are seeing the Lord’s goodness and rejoicing
36. Anuoluwabamise; Short Form – Bamise, meaning: The mercy of God has done it for me
37. Anuoluwadamisi; Short Form – Damisi, meaning: God’s mercy kept me
38. Anuoluwakiishi ; Short Form – Kiki, meaning: The mercy of God never moves/fades

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39. Anuoluwapo/Anuoluwaposi; Short Form – Anu, meaning: God is merciful
40. Araoluwa; Short Form – Ara, meaning: Wonder of God
41. Araoluwanimi; Short Form – Ara, meaning: I am God’s wonder
42. Atinuke; Short Form – Tinuke, meaning: Taken care of from conception
43. Atofarati; Short Form – Tofa, meaning: Dependable/ The one you can lean on
44. Ayanfeoluwanimi; Short Form – Nimi, Ayanfe, meaning: I am God’s beloved
45. Ayodapomope; Short Form – Mope, meaning: Joy mixed with thanksgiving
46. Ayodele; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: Joy has come home
47. Ayokunumi; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: I am overwhelmed with joy
48. Ayomide; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: My joy has arrived
49. Ayoola; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: The joy of wealth
50. Ayooluwa; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: The joy of the lord
51. Ayotola; Short Form – Tola, meaning: Joy is enough wealth
52. Ayotundun; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: Joy is sweet
53. Ayowumi; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: I love joy
54. Boluwatife; Short Form – Tife, meaning: As God wants it
55. Digiola; Short Form – Digi, Ola, meaning: Mirror of wealth/ Reflection of wealth
56. Ebunifewamiri; Short Form – Ebun, meaning: God’s gift of love found me
57. Ebunoluwa; Short Form – Ebun, meaning: Gift of God
58. Eniola; Short Form – Eni, meaning: A person of wealth
59. Ereadura; Short Form – Adura, meaning: Reward of prayers
60. Eriadurami; Short Form – Adurami, Durami, meaning: Testimony of my prayer
61. Eriayomi; Short Form – Yomi, meaning: My testimony of joy
62. Eriifeoluwasimi; Short Form – Ifeoluwa, Ife, Simi, meaning: Proof/Evidence of God’s love to me
63. Erimipe; Short Form – Eri, meaning: My testimony is complete
64. Erinkansilemi; Short Form – Erinkan, meaning: Laughter landed in my home
65. Erioluwa; Short Form – Eri, meaning: Testimony of God
66. Ewaoluwa; Short Form – Ewa, meaning: Beauty of God
67. Ewatomi; Short Form – Ewa, meaning: Beauty is enough
68. Eyitayo; Short Form – Tayo, meaning: Sufficient cause for joy
69. Eyitomilayo; Short Form – Tomi, meaning: This is enough for me to rejoice

Igbo Names For Girls And Their Meanings

70. Eyiwunmimitoluwasefunmi; Short Form – Wunmi,Tolu, Funmi, meaning: I like this particular thing the Lord did for me
71. Fadekemi; Short Form – Fade, Kemi, meaning: Pamper me with wealth
72. Fadesewa; Short Form – Fade, Sewa, meaning: The Lord has beautified me with crown
73. Fadesike; Short Form – Fade, Sike, meaning: The Lord has beautified me with honour
74. Fadesope; Short Form – Fade, Sope, meaning: The Lord has beautified me with thanks
75. Fiyinfoluwa; Short Form – Fiyin, Folu, meaning: Praise God
76. Folakemi; Short Form – Folake, Kemi, meaning: Pamper me with wealth
77. Folashade; Short Form – Shade, Fola, meaning: Use wealth as a crown
78. Gbemisola; Short Form – Gbemi, meaning: Carry/lift me unto wealth
79. Ibukunoluwa; Short Form – Ibukun, meaning: God’s blessing
80. Idunnuola; Short Form – Idunnu, meaning: Happiness
81. Ifedayo; Short Form – Dayo, meaning: Love becomes joy
82. Ifeoluwa; Short Form – Ife, meaning: Love of God
83. Ifeoluwakofimisile; Short Form – Ifeoluwa, meaning: God’s love has never departed from me/ left me
84. Ikeoluwa; Short Form – Ike, meaning: The care of God
85. Ilerioluwa; Short Form – Ileri, meaning: Promise
86. Inioluwa; Short Form – Ini, meaning: Property of God/ God’s heritage
87. Irekanmi; Short Form – Kanmi, meaning: Good things come to me
88. Irekitan; Short Form – Kitan, meaning: Good things/deeds will not finish
89. Ireoluwa; Short Form – Ire, meaning: God’s goodness
90. Ireoluwatomiwa; Short Form – Ire, Tomiwa, meaning: God’s goodness comes to me
91. Iretiola; Short Form – Ireti, meaning: Anticipation of wealth
92. Iretioluwa; Short Form – Ireti, meaning: God’s hope
93. Iseoluwa; Short Form – Ise, meaning: Work of God
94. Iteoluwa; Short Form – Ite, meaning: Altar/throne of God
95. Itunuoluwa; Short Form – Itunu, meaning: Comfort of God
96. Iyalomowun; Short Form – Iyalomo, meaning:  The mother cherishes the child
97. Iyanuayo; Short Form – Iyanu, Ayo, meaning: A marvelous joy
98. Iyanuoluwa; Short Form – Iyanu, meaning: mercy of God
99. Iyin; Short Form – Iyin, meaning: Praise
100. Iyinoluwa; Short Form – Iyin, meaning: God’s praise
101. Kasopefoluwa; Short Form – Kasope, Ope, meaning: Let’s give praise/ thanks to the lord
102. kikelomo; Short Form – Kike, meaning: A child is meant to be pampered
103. Kikiogoluwa; Short Form – Kiki, meaning: Full of God’s glory
104. kikiolaoluwanimoje; Short Form – Kiki, meaning: It’s only the grace of God I received

Igbo Names For Boys And Their Meanings

105. kikiopefoluwa; Short Form – Kiki, meaning: It’s only thanks to God
106. Mobolade; Short Form – Bolade, meaning: I came with wealth
107. Mobolaji; Short Form – Bolaji, meaning: I woke up with wealth
108. Mobolarinwa; Short Form – Bolarinwa, meaning: I walk in with wealth
109. Mofarayolaoluwa; Short Form – Mofara, meaning: I rub in God’s wealth
110. Mofeoluwa; Short Form – Mofe, meaning:  I love God
111. Mofeyisopefoluwa; Short Form – Mofe, meaning:  I thank God with this
112. Mogbadunolajesu; Short Form – Dunola, meaning:  I am enjoying the wealth or goodness of God
113. Mojirola; Short Form – Moji, meaning: I woke up to wealth
114. Mojisola; Short Form – Moji, meaning: Wake up to wealth
115. Mololuwatonjoba; Short Form – Mololu, meaning: I have a God that reigns
116. Momoreoluwa; Short Form – Momore, meaning: I know God’s goodness
117. Momoririoluwa; Short Form – Momori, meaning: I know the worth or importance of God
118. Monifa; Short Form – Nifa, meaning: I am lucky
119. Moraanugba; Short Form – Mora, meaning: I obtained mercy
120. Morayo; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: I see joy
121. Morenike; Short Form – Nike, meaning: I have found a person to pamper
122. Morianuoluwa; Short Form – Moria, meaning: I see God’s mercy
123. Morireoluwa; Short Form – Morire, meaning:  I see God’s goodness
124. Morireoluwagbanilealaaye; Short Form – Morire, meaning: I received the goodness of God on earth/ in the land of the living
125. Morotolaoluwa; Short Form – Tola, meaning:  I see the wealth of God
126. Morounranti; Short Form – Moro, meaning:  I see something to remember
127. Mosinmileoluwa; Short Form – Ileoluwa, meaning:  I rest on God
128. Mosopefoluwa; Short Form – Mosope, Folu, meaning:  l give thanks to God
129. Motunrayo; Short Form – Tunrayo, meaning: I have seen joy once again
130. Moyinoluwa; Short Form – Moyin, Oyin, meaning: I praise God
131. Moyosooretoluwasefunmi; Short Form – Moyo, Tolu, Funmi, meaning: I rejoice to the goodness of God/ God’s gift to me
132. Moyosooretoluwaseninuayemi; Short Form – Moyo, meaning: I enjoy the good that the lord did in my life
133. Ninioluwalere; Short Form – Nini, meaning: Having God pays
134. Ododo; Short Form – Ododo, meaning: Flower
135. Odunayo; Short Form – Odun, meaning: Year of joy
136. Odunola; Short Form – Odun, meaning: Year of wealth
137. Ogooluwa; Short Form – Ogo, meaning: Glory of God
138. Ogooluwatomiwa; Short Form – Ogo, Tomi, Ogooluwa, meaning: God’s glory comes to me
139. Ojumiriireoluwa; Short Form – Ireoluwa, meaning: My eyes see the goodness of God
140. Ojumitirireoluwa; Short Form – Ireoluwa, meaning: My eyes have seen the goodness of God

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141. Oladayo; Short Form – Dayo, meaning: Wealth becomes joy
142. Olajumoke; Short Form – Jumoke, meaning: Wealth unites to pamper
143. Olamide; Short Form – Ola, meaning: My wealth has come
144. Olaoluwatomi; Short Form – Tomi, meaning: God’s wealth is enough for me
145. Ololade; Short Form – Lade, meaning: A wealthy person has arrived
146. Olubunmi; Short Form – Bunmi, meaning: Gift of God
147. Oluwabukunmi; Short Form – Bukunmi, meaning: God blesses me
148. Oluwabusayo; Short Form – Busayo, meaning: God adds to joy
149. Oluwabusola; Short Form – Busola, meaning: God  adds to wealth
150. Oluwadabira; Short Form – Dabira, meaning: God has done wonders
151. Oluwadamifunre; Short Form – Dami, meaning: God created me for his goodness
152. Oluwadamilola; Short Form – Dami, meaning: God makes me wealthy
153. Oluwadarasimi; Short Form – Dara, Simi, meaning: God is good to me
154. Oluwadunbarin; Short Form – Dunbarin, meaning: It is such a joy to walk with God
155. Oluwadunsin; Short Form – Dunsin, meaning: It is sweet to serve God
156. Oluwaferanmi; Short Form – Feranmi, meaning: God likes me
157. Oluwafiebunifesetojumisibe; Short Form – Ebun, meaning: God’s gift of love still preserves me
158. Oluwafifehanmi; Short Form – Fife, meaning: God showed me love
159. Oluwafiirekanmi; Short Form – Fifi, meaning: God touched me with goodness
160. Oluwafukunremi ; Short Form – Remi, meaning: God added to my goodness
161. Oluwafunke; Short Form – Funke, meaning: God gave me to pamper
162. Oluwafunmilayo; Short Form – Funmi, meaning: God gave me joy
163. Oluwafunmilola; Short Form – Funmilola, Lola, meaning: God gave me wealth
164. Oluwagbohunmi; Short Form – Hunmi, meaning: God heard my voice
165. Oluwajomiloju; Short Form – Miloju, meaning: God has surprised me
166. Oluwajomilojupupo; Short Form – Miloju, meaning: The Lord has greatly surprised me
167. Oluwakanyinsinuolami; Short Form – Kanyinsola, meaning: God added honey to my wealth
168. Oluwalanumi; Short Form – Lanumi, meaning: God is so merciful to me
169. Oluwalonimi; Short Form – Nimi, meaning: I belong to God/ God’s property
170. Oluwamakinwa; Short Form – Makinwa, meaning: God’s goodness
171. Oluwamayomikun; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: God has completed  my joy
172. Oluwamayowa; Short Form – Mayowa, meaning: God’s mercy
173. Oluwamumibori ; Short Form – Ibori, meaning: God made me an overcomer
174. Oluwamumirayomi; Short Form – Ayo, meaning: God has made me witness my joy
175. Oluwamurewa; Short Form – Murewa, meaning: God has brought goodness
176. Oluwaniewami; Short Form – Ewami, meaning: God is my beauty
177. Oluwanikayin; Short Form – Nika, meaning: Our praise should be unto God
178. Oluwapemisayo; Short Form – Pemi, meaning: Lord called me to happiness

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179. Oluwapemisere; Short Form – Pemi, meaning: Lord called me to goodness
180. Oluwarogbayimika; Short Form – Yimika, meaning: God built an edge around me
181. Oluwasemilogo; Short Form – Semi, meaning: God has given me glory
182. Oluwasemiyefunogore; Short Form – Semi, meaning: God has singled me out for his glory
183. Oluwaseun; Short Form – Seun, meaning: Thanks be to God
184. Oluwaseunbabarafunmi; Short Form – Seun, meaning: God has done a wondrous/ miraculous thing for me
185. Oluwaseyifunmi; Short Form – Seyi, meaning: God did this for me
186. Oluwasindara; Short Form – Sindara, meaning: God still performs wonders
187. Oluwasunmibare; Short Form – Sunmibare, meaning: God draws me nearer to goodness
188. Oluwatamiloreire; Short Form – Tamilore, meaning: The Lord gave me a good gift
189. Oluwateniola; Short Form – Eniola, meaning: God is all encompassing
190. Oluwatetisimi; Short Form – Simi, meaning: God heard my voice/ God has listened to my voice
191. Oluwatetisiohunebemi; Short Form – Tetisimi, meaning: God listened to my voice/ cry for help
192. Oluwatetisioromi; Short Form – Tetisimi, meaning: God listened to my plea
193. Oluwatishemipetan; Short Form – Tishemi, meaning: God has totally completed me
194. Oluwatitunmise; Short Form – Tunmise, meaning: God has repaired me/renewed me
195. Oluwatobi; Short Form – Tobi, meaning: God is great
196. Oluwatofunmi; Short Form – Tofunmi, meaning: God is sufficient/ enough for me
197. Oluwatomilola/Oluwatomini; Short Form – Tomilola/Tomini, meaning: God is sufficient /enough for me
198. Oluwatoni; Short Form – Toni, meaning: Having God is enough
199. Oluwatosin; Short Form – Tosin, meaning: God is worthy to be served
200. Oluwatoyin; Short Form – Toyin, meaning: God is worthy to be served
201. Oluwatunmise; Short Form – Tunmise, meaning: God has beautified me
202. Oluwayemisi; Short Form – Yemisi, meaning: God honours me
203. Omobobola; Short Form – Bobola, meaning: A child who came to meet wealth
204. Omobolanle; Short Form – Bolanle, Bola, meaning: A child who met wealth at home
205. Omodunni; Short Form – Dunni, meaning: A child is sweet to have
206. Omolabake; Short Form – Labake, meaning: A child to be pampered
207. Omolara; Short Form – Lara, meaning: A child is family/children are family
208. Omolola; Short Form – Lola, meaning: A child is wealth
209. Omotade; Short Form – Tade, meaning: A child is the worth of a crown
210. Omotola; Short Form – Tola, meaning: A child is equivalent to wealth
211. Omowunmi; Short Form – Wunmi, meaning: I love children
212. Opeyemi; Short Form – Ope, meaning: I should be grateful
213. Opeyimika; Short Form – Ope, meaning: Surrounded by praise
214. Oreofe; Short Form – Ore, meaning: Free favour/ grace
215. Oreofeoluwakitan; Short Form – Ore, meaning: Gods grace never ends
216. Oreofeoluwatofunmi; Short Form – Ore, meaning: The Grace of the Lord is sufficient for me
217. Oreoluwa; Short Form – Ore, meaning: God’s friend
218. Oreoluwarinsola; Short Form – Oreoluwa, meaning: The goodness of God walked into wealth
219. Orode; Short Form – Orode, meaning: Wealth is here/has arrived
220. Oyenike; Short Form – Nike, meaning: The title has to be pampered
221. Oyindamola; Short Form – Oyin, meaning: Honey is mixed with wealth
222. Oyindasola; Short Form – Dasola, meaning: Honey pours into wealth
223. Oyindumade; Short Form – Oyin, meaning: Honey is sweet with crown
224. Oyinlola; Short Form – Lola, meaning: Honey is wealth
225. Pipeloluwa; Short Form – Pipe, meaning: Perfect God
226. Sibesibeoluwanbepelumi; Short Form – Pelumi, meaning: Despite all, God is still with me

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227. Simisola; Short Form – Simi, meaning: Relax in wealth
228. Tanidabioluwa; Short Form – Tani, meaning: Who is like God?
229. Tanitoluwa; Short Form – Tani, meaning: Who is like unto God
230. Tanitoluwami ; Short Form – Tani, meaning: Who is like my God
231. Temilade; Short Form – Lade, meaning: The crown is mine
232. Temiloluwa; Short Form – Temilolu, meaning: God is mine
233. Temitope; Short Form – Temi, meaning: Enough reason to give thanks
234. Tiaraoluwa; Short Form – Tiara, meaning: The Lord’s wonder/ From God’s body
235. Titilayo; Short Form – Titi, meaning: Eternal happiness
236. Titilopemi; Short Form – Titi, meaning: I will forever give thanks to God
237. Tititlope; Short Form – Titi, meaning: Eternal thanks
238. Tiwatope; Short Form – Tiwa, Tope, meaning: Our situation is worthy of thanks
239. Toluwalashe; Short Form – Lashe, meaning: God’s will be done
240. Toluwanimi; Short Form – Tolu, meaning: I belong to God
241. Wuraola; Short Form – Wura, meaning: The gold of wealth
242. Yejide; Short Form – Yejide, Jide, meaning: Image of her mother
243. Yewande; Short Form – Yewande, meaning:  mother looked for me
244. Yeyetunde; Short Form – Yetunde, meaning: Mother has returned
245. Yosolaoluwa; Short Form – Yosola, meaning: Enjoy the wealth of God

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