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Top 101 Reasons Why You Should Read Books In 2020

Female University Student Sitting on a Library Floor Reading a Book
Female University Student Sitting on a Library Floor Reading a Book

Here are Top 101 Reasons Why You Should Read Books Everyday

Female University Student Sitting on a Library Floor Reading a Book
Female University Student Sitting on a Library Floor Reading a Book

1. Reading helps you to become a better conversationalist

Reading gives you so many things to talk about! You can talk about the book itself, some of the things books bring to light, or about some of the points raised in books. By reading narratives, conversations and dialogues in books, you are growing your own conversation skills.

2. You’ll expand your vocabulary

The best way to learn new words is to read new words.

3. Reading sets a good example

When you read it inspires others to do the same. Kids who have reading parents also want to read. Moreover, when we see others engrossed in good books, it makes us want to read those books to see what makes them so interesting.

4. Reading can change your mood

Reading can set the tone. If you’re in a bad mood, reading can make you happy. When good, sad, exciting, or bad things happen to characters in books, we react in kind.

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5. The more you read, the better you become at it

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Avid readers quickly rise through the ranks from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced…and beyond!

6. Reading encourages questions

When we learn something interesting in a good book, it encourages us to want to learn more. For example, Historic Fiction can make us want to learn more about a certain time period, or we might want to look up a particular word, or learn more about a hobby, place, or public figure. Reading inspires the best kinds of questions.

7. You can become a time traveler

Books take us back to where ever we need to go, without involving Science, Mathematics, and flux capicitors. We read and we’re transformed to another time and place.

8. Regular reading sharpens your brain

Reading is like exercising the brain. The more you do it, the healthier your brain is.

9. Avid readers are excellent speakers

When you read well, you speak well. Your vocabulary increases, you understand tones and inflections, and can expand on thoughts and ideas.

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10. People who read on a regular basis are more likely to use proper grammar

When you read often, you understand the basic rules of grammar – and can easily spot when usage is improper or incorrect.

11. Readers have good memories

When you read you’re exercising your brains ability to remember! Moreover, reading adds new items to your memory.

12. Lengthen your attention span

Reading can help you to pay attention longer. For example, when you’re engrossed in a story, you’re less likely to be bored and move on to something else.

13. Avid readers are better writers

Every writer will tell you they love nothing more than to get lost in a good book. Reading sharpens writing skills and inspires ideas and creativity. In addition to becoming inspired by stories and ideas, we also learn about being better writers by reading good writing.

14. Reading builds moral character

Reading helps us to understand right and wrong. Plus, we’re better able to understand the consequences of bad choices. Since many books provide ethical or moral dilemmas, we can learn the right kinds of lessons in a non-lecturing way.

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15. Reading inspires

Books put ideas in our heads.

16. Reading opens your mind to new situations

Books hold things we never knew existed. Without reading, we might be ignorant forever.

17. Reading teaches you about different places in the world

Thanks to reading we can visit places we only dream of traveling – and locations we’ve never even heard of.

18. Reading helps with focus

Because reading requires concentration and the ability to block out distraction, we’re more focused when we read. Knowing how to focus on reading helps us to focus on studying, work, and other times we need to get in the zone.

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19. You can escape with a good book

Reading takes you away from all your cares and problems, if only for a little while.

20. Nothing is better for relieving stress

You can’t help but relax when you’re reading.

21. Reading helps you to define your interests

Learn about new topics. Watch how you are more interested in some topics than others.

22. The weather doesn’t get in the way

Reading doesn’t take a rain delay or snow day. You can do it no matter what it’s doing outside.

23. You’ll sleep easier if you read before bed

Reading helps us to relax and put the stress of work and home out of our minds. It gives our brain a workout so we become tired. It brings us down from whatever is keeping us up.

24. You can join a book club

You can join a club where you talk about books! With other people who love books!

24. With reading, you’ll never run out of things to do

You can always read. There’s never “nothing to do” when you have books.

25. Reading improves your reasoning skills

Reading gives you ammunition for debates and discussions. You have fodder to prove your point.

26. You’ll never run out of reading material

Even if you read all day, every day, you still won’t read all the books in the world.

27. Reading can get you through writer’s block

When you’re at a loss for words, reading can help to inspire.

28. Reading is something you can do at your own pace

Reading isn’t a contest or a race. No one is timing you or keeping score. Take your time, or read fast. It’s up to you.

29. Reading is something you can do anywhere

You can read at home, in bed, on the deck, on the beach, at the pool, at school, standing in line, on the train, and anywhere you can think of. Reading is the most portable hobby ever.

30. Reading is a safe addiction

No one ever died from reading. Reading won’t cause you to become drunk or stoned, but it can give you the right kind of buzz. And it won’t harm your health either!

31. Reading allows you to become someone else

With reading you can get into someone head and become your favorite character.

32. Reading is free

Reading is the cheapest hobby. You can borrow books for free at the library, or download free ebooks online. Everyone can afford reading.

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33. The chances of getting injured while reading are slim to none

Books may have dangerous ideas, but consuming them isn’t dangerous. Unless you’re reading while driving, walking, or operating heavy machinery, (which we really don’t recommend) you won’t get injured from reading – beyond your occasional paper cut.

34. Avid readers do better in school

It is known. When you read you get all these facts in your brain. Your focus is improved. Your concentration is improved. And you’re smarter. The more you read, the better you’ll do in school – and in life!

35. No one can say you’re ignorant if you read a lot

When you read, you know things. As long as you know things you aren’t ignorant. And if you don’t know much about a particular topic, books will help you get there so you’ll always know what you’re talking about.

36. Reading boosts your self esteem

Books make you smarter – and smarter people are more confident.

37. You can learn how to do anything

Books teach you how to build houses, build a blog, or build a recipe. Anything you want to learn about can be found in books.

38. Books are your best friend

Books don’t let you down. They don’t stand you up. They won’t belittle you or make you feel bad about yourself. Books are there whenever you need them. Books are good friends.

39. You’ll find out all the stuff that’s left out or changed in the movie version

Books are how the movies were supposed to be. When books are adapted to film, there’s always something lost in the transition. Many films leave out so many details from the books, the books are a completely different experience. Read the book before you watch the movie. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

40. You’re not difficult to shop for

Everyone knows what to get a book lover.

41. Books make long travel go by quickly

Whether you’re traveling by train, car, plane, or stagecoach, time passes quickly with a good book.

42. You’ll always be curious

Reading encourages you to explore places, time periods, people, and ideas. Reading inspires you to look for more information.

43. Reading is an active mental process

You’re doing something with your brain. You’re thinking, understanding, and considering.

44. Reading is something you can have all to yourself

When you’re absorbed in a book it’s yours and yours alone. At that moment in time you don’t have to share with siblings, spouses, or friends. It’s just you and your book, and that’s just fine with us.

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45. Grow your expertise in your favorite topics

You can become an expert in something simply by reading books.

46. Reading can help you become an analytical thinker

With reading comes the ability to make informed decisions.

47. Books are very attractive

We dare you to find anything unattractive about a book.

48. Readers are leaders

People who read, rule. You can’t understand what makes others tick or how things work without reading. Behind every great leader is a great set of books.

49. You don’t need electricity to read

Books don’t have to be plugged in. You can read them in the daylight without worrying about them losing their charge. (Except with eBooks. But go with us on this one.)

50. Everyone can read

Reading is something everyone has the ability to do, or can learn to do.

51. Reading encourages us to set goals

Through books we learn to achieve anything we set our mind too. They encourage us to strive for new things and achieve important goals.

52. There is a reading platform for everyone.

Whether you choose to read books, ebooks, or even audio books, there’s a way to consume books that’s right for you.

53. Reading improves social skills

Through reading we learn how to act and interact.

54. People who read often are better listeners

Reading is like listening with your eyes. When you read, you have the ability to quietly take in another person’s perspective.

55. Reading may prevent or deter Alzheimer’s

Exercising your brain keeps it healthy, and that includes keeping Alzheimer’s at bay.

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56. Reading can help your financial situation

No, reading won’t make your rich, but it can lead to situations that cause a positive influence on your financial status. For example, people who read a lot do better at work and this can lead to raises and promotions. Moreover, there are books that can help you to combat debt, learn how to invest, and take advantage of bargains.

57. If everyone read, the world would be a better place

Reading makes us compassionate. It makes us understand other people and gives us the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes If everyone read every day we would all be better people.

58. To read is to discover

Books open doors to know places and opportunities.

59. No one will ever complain you’re not making productive use of your time

You don’t ever hear of anyone complaining about you reading for hours the way they complain about playing video games or watching TV. Reading is a pastime everyone approves of.

60. Reading out loud is a bonding experience

When you read to children, or read with a spouse or lover, you’re creating a strong bond as you share something special together.

61. Avid readers receive higher test scores

It’s proven that people who read often do better on better on tests.

62. Reading inspires career choices

Through books we discover lives we’d like to lead, including career choices that interest us.

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63. Reading in the morning wakes your brain

Shake away those cobwebs with a good book!

64. Reading can change your mind

Reading can give you a new perspective. It can cause you to rethink an original idea.

65. The more you read, the more you want to read

Reading always inspires more reading. Good writing can make you want to explore more books by a certain author, check out a sequel, or look into more books of the same genre.

66. You can read the same book over and over and learn more each time

The beauty of books is how you can read them more than once and get something new every time.

67. There are books for all interests and lifestyles

You will never be bored with books. There are always books – and there will always be books –  in your favorite topics and interest areas.

68. Reading helps us to become detail-oriented

Paying attention to words helps us to clearly see more details.

69. Books don’t take commercial breaks

Your reading isn’t interrupted so you can take in the latest commercial break or pause for station identification.

70. Books are like being inside a Pensieve

It’s like you’re taking a trip inside someone else’s brain.

71. Reading doesn’t get old or outdated; a good book lasts forever

Times change but books live on forever. You can read books today that were written hundreds of years ago.

72. You don’t have to be loyal to a specific genre

Books enable you to venture into new territory, whether romance, SciFi, mystery, thriller, or self help.

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73. There will always be new authors and new books

Books will never get old and books will always be new. Someone will always write books.

74. Reading never goes out of style

It’s never outdated, always in fashion, always a trend. No one ever says, “Reading was so 1974.”

75. There is no feeling more satisfying than finishing a good book

It always feels good to see a story through to the end – even if we wish we could read more.

76. Reading is a good way to challenge yourself

You can read harder topics, and stray out of your comfort zone. You can set reading goals. You can build your vocabulary. With books, you’ll always grow.

77. Reading doesn’t add fat, carbs, or calories to your diet

But it does enrich your body in all the right ways.

78. Readers solve crossword possibles and win trivia contests

Books give you answers, and you remember them at the most opportune times.

79. There’s always a surprise

Some books are predictable, but you never know what will truly happen until you read.

80. Reading improves discipline

Through reading we train ourselves to block out distraction and focus only on the written word.

81. Reading gives you something to do during long bathroom breaks

We really don’t need to get into detail here.

82. Books teach us how to have healthy relationships

Through reading we learn how to respect others, and treat them how we would like to be treated ourselves. Books help us to spy toxic relationships, and encourage us to seek happiness.

83. Reading makes us happy

We feel good when we read. We’re at peace.

84. Books don’t judge

Books don’t make you feel bad about yourself. They don’t talk about you behind your back or give you the silent treatment.

85. People respect those who are well read

When others know you read a lot, they’re more likely to feel your opinions are valid and coming from a place of knowledge.

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86. Reading is thrilling

Who among us hasn’t been up half the night because we couldn’t bear to put down a good book?

87. Books don’t need WiFi

You can read them in the middle of the wilderness, from your fishing boat, or out on the beach. All you need is a book, and a comfy place to read.

88. Reading helps us to affirm our own beliefs

When we read, we can see different perspectives on the same topic. We can solidify our own opinions and feel justified in believing what we do.

89. Knowledge is power

As long as you read you’ll always have an advantage.

90. To understand who we are and where we come from

Reading tells us about our past. The history of the world, the human race, and even specific nationalities and lifestyles can be found in books.

91. No batteries required

You don’t have to worry about stocking up on Triple A’s in order to finish your book.

92. Reading is a responsibility

When you pick up your book you’re committing to seeing it through to the end. Books – or even the electronic tablets that hold books – require care. If you borrow a book it’s your responsibility to return it in a timely manner in the same condition in which is was received. Finally, you’re responsible for using the knowledge found in books in a positive, productive manner.

93. Reading keeps us out of trouble

When we reading we’re not robbing banks, doing drugs, or setting fires.

94. Reading is quiet

There’s no more peaceful hobby.

95. No one can call someone who reads a “loser.”

Everyone who reads has an edge. Everyone who reads is a winner.

96. Books go with everything

Books can be paired with a fine wine, a nice pair of shoes, or your favorite sweater. Books don’t clash.

97. Books prompt discussion

Ask someone “what are you reading?” and you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

98. Books help you to procrastinate

Probably not the most productive use of books, but if you’re going to put off a task, reading is the best reason.

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99. Reading allows you to become someone else

With reading you can get into someone head and become your favorite character.

100. Reading is an heirloom

The very best gift you can give your children is the ability to read. It’s the one thing you can pass down through the generations without having to worry about it getting broken, tarnished, or losing it in the divorce. Reading will always have value.

101. There is no excuse not to read

For every reason not to read, there are a hundred reasons to pick up a book. Whether on the train, before bed, or while standing in line, everyone can find time to read. To encourage reading is to encourage life long learning.

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